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Personal training

The one on one and group training you've been looking for, because personal training should be just that, personal. As a nationally certified trainer I am here to help bring you to a new level of fitness that embodies a well rounded approach. You can train solo or in a group of up to four.

Can't make it in studio. No worries, we can set up online training.

Coming soon, downloadable programs, and online subscription to classes. 





Studio Cycle

Yoga + HIIT


Yoga Sculpt

Run + Meditation


Working out in a group is uplifting, empowering and motivating. 

Join a workout at my new space, Movo Studio.

Studio Cycle

*coming 2019

A dynamic, cardio workout designed to make you seat but love every second of it. Get ready for hill climbs, jumps, sprints, tempo rides, time trials, weights, and more.

Core + HIIT

Time to get to the CORE of things. This 50 minute class will focus on targeting your core, the foundation of your being. A strong CORE helps move you through your workouts, and through your life.

Yoga + HIIT

This class is our beauty and the beast of the studio. We mix the beauty of our vinyasa style yoga with the beast of HIIT (high intensity, interval training).


Run + HIIT

Running, running, running. Well not that much running. Just 20 minutes of whatever pace you want to go, follow by our kick-butt HIIT workout, ending with a nice slow flow.  

Yoga Sculpt

One of our favorite combo classes. This class blends a power vinyasa flow with weights, cardio, big beats, lots and sweat, smiles, and feel good vibes. This is a party. Come ready to have fun.


This 50 minute class is designed to make the most of your time. Get ready to move through a full body circuit via intervals. Get in, get it done, and get on to the rest of your day. 

Run Club
Yoga Sculpt

Run + Meditation

 Combing the practice of moving meditation followed by quiet mindfulness. 

30 minute walk, jog, run, 30 minute vinyasa cool down 15 minute meditation. 

events & Clubs

I host different clubs and events year round to keep fitness a priority no matter what the season. 


North Pack Run Club

July 9 - August 31st

Tuesdays | 5:30 - 6:30p

Saturdays | 8-9a

WHAT: It's summer and the perfect time to take in the sun and warmth, and not running in all of the layers. This block of run club is just about running and having fun. You can expect timed runs, intervals, hill repeats, and short-mid distance runs.

Tuesday night's are for speed and interval work.
Saturday morning's will be dedicated to longer endurance runs.

COST: $75: Includes 8 week training plan, two runs a week, 15% off Movo Studio classes|events|merch, and lululemon branded run club swag.

*Student or Military with valid ID for 10% off